Its so hard to believe my baby started school on Monday. She is going Monday and Wednesday to a integrated preschool program. There are 8 children in her class right now. Only a couple have IEP's but there are 2 para's and the teacher, so the ratio is great! She fits right into her class. I am so proud of her!

date Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 comments to “My lil preschooler”

  1. My name is Sarah
    7:04 PM

    Mayson looks so cute at school. I think she will have fun.

  1. Becca
    8:19 PM

    Oh, she is BEYOND precious!!! I bet she absolutely loves school, too. Such a big girl, Mayson!

  1. Anonymous
    11:22 PM

    Loved the photo of the piggies from behind :) She's so adorable and I can't wait to hear what progress she makes this year in school.

  1. ch
    11:09 AM

    Oh, Oh, Oh. Miss Mayson just oozes with cute. OOZES with it. I'm sure her preschool teacher immediately starts to salivate when she sees her walk in. "Do not smother Mayson with not smother Mayson with kisses..." M's teacher should be commended for her self control. I couldn't possibly do it.

  1. Kim Ayres
    12:48 PM

    Cool :)

  1. Ria
    1:57 PM

    What a cutie! Looks like she's enjoying school. That's great!

  1. Kim
    10:03 PM

    Look at her! She is working so hard and is so cute!

  1. Artie's Mom
    12:17 PM

    Mayson is a doll baby! Such a big girl in her new school!

  1. Beverly
    12:14 AM

    she is so cute! Looks like she had a great day.

  1. Kacey Bode
    10:00 PM

    OMG, she is SO cute!!! Isn't it crazy that our babies are in preschool!! It has all gone by way too fast but look at all they have accomplished!! Mayson and Ella would be so cute to watch play together!!!!!