This post is dedicated to my daughter's cat, Kitty Abbie, AKA.... kittybutt! Today, she passed away peacefully......
This cat has quite the history. She went through many of her kitty lives, to say the least.
As a kitten we rescued her out of an insulation pile from a construction area. No mommy to take care of her, so we nursed her to health. (life #1)
She was a curious cat, like most. One day I heard her crying in our shed out back. She had started playing with my husbands huge fishing lure, that was hanging from the cupboard. She had somehow gotten both paws and lip caught in the tri-hook. Hubby rushed her to the vet and they did emergency surgery. (life #2)
That next winter she decided to wonder away from home and never return. 6 weeks later, here she comes! Skinny, but alive. (life #3)
It wasn't a few months later from returning home, she got really sick. She was diagnosed with feline leukemia. We went ahead with the treatment they recommended and it saved her life. (life #4)
In life #5 She has a had a easy, layed back kitty life since then. Loved sleeping in her bed and with the kids. Her favorite was her Rylee and Rylee loved her so. They shared a special bond. She was 10 years old and it was her time. Its hard to understand that, and especially to your daughter that is hurting so. But she is now up in heaven with our lab Maddie, running around, longer suffering.

date Friday, August 07, 2009

4 comments to “Kitty Abbie”

  1. Brent & Jodie
    8:46 PM

    It is never easy to lose a pet. They are just as much part of the family as anyone else. Hope Rylee feels better soon.

  1. Perplexing Situation
    5:59 PM

    oh that's so sweet. She lived a good long life though thanks so such a loving family. My cat, abby, is my 1st baby. Hugs to Rylee, I know she has to be hurting so much.

  1. CJ
    11:23 AM

    Not fair! Em and I loved kitty butt. I can't believe she's gone. I'm so sorry for both you and Ry.

  1. Ria
    7:40 PM

    Awww. This brings tears to my eyes. Sounds like such a sweet cat. Kitty Abbie reminds me of our cat Yuri (still with us) in the one photo where Kitty Abbie is laying on her back. I'm sorry for your loss.