Sweet Miss Aida Lynn was baptized today. She looked so sweet in her Baptismal gown. This gown was Aidas'great grandfather's gown. My dad, me, my brother, my kids and now Aida have worn it. My mom made her the cutest little hankie bonnet that was made from my grandmothers hankie. Something she can later use in her wedding bouquet as she walks down the isle. My sister gave her the sweetest little baby ring to wear too. The blanket she used was her daddy's baptismal blanket(my little brother). So her day was full of so much meaning. I was chosen to be her Godparent. A privilege not everyone is picked to be. According to the Lutheran magazine, "A godparent is to develop a special, lifelong relationship with the godchild, communicating faith and values to her or him in word, deed and play, reminding him of his baptism, rooting for her as she grows and questions and struggles."
I feel confident I can play this roll for my sweet niece as she grows up in her faith. I hope we can share the special Godparent/Godchild bond with many special memories. She is truly something special from God, and I cherish her so!

date Sunday, August 02, 2009

4 comments to “Being a Godparent”

  1. Monica Crumley
    11:23 PM

    Congratulations to you on having such a special honor. The baby is beautiful!

  1. Monica Crumley
    11:23 PM

    Congratulations on your special honor as godparent. The baby and the Christening gown are beautiful.

  1. CJ
    2:20 PM

    She is so beautiful and I am sure you are the best godmomma ever! Just like you're the best mama!!

  1. ch
    1:28 PM

    Oooooooooooo...look, look at that sweet little ring. I love the history in that gown...what a pretty peach.