Mayson now knows the complete alphabet and can also recognize them too with flash cards. She loves learning this stuff! I am so proud of her!

date Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7 comments to “recongizing the alphabet!!”

  1. Carey
    8:51 PM

    Wow that's great! Better than A LOT of my Kindergarten kids!!!

  1. RK
    9:26 PM

    That's wonderful! Yay Mayson!

  1. datri
    5:49 AM

    WTG Mayson!!!

  1. Beverly
    2:23 PM

    so smart and such a cutie!!!

  1. JRS
    12:11 AM

    Holy cow WOW!

  1. Tracy
    1:06 PM

    She is sooo cute! Rachel is learning her letters now too. She knows most of them, but she confuses the M and W too.

  1. ginabad
    9:35 PM

    Awesome!! She is beautiful, great job Mayson!