When Mayson was almost one, we went to Chicago and met part of our new "second family". It was several families that got together and met for the first time.... all with one thing in common, Down syndrome. CJ and her family were there, Terri and her family were there, Barbie and here family where there, and my friend Gillian and her family were there. Gillians sweet little Polly is also the same age as Mayson. It was so fun seeing them together. Working on the same struggles. One more person that "got it"! We truly all felt like one big happy family, as we gathered at GIGI's PLAYHOUSE... Just us families had it all to ourselves. The Whole place! Our kids got to be kids, enjoy themselves, play, laugh, and have fun. Us parents could sit and talk about our angels and how yes, its hard to have a child with a disability, but how they had been the greatest things that had ever happened to our families. It was an amazing experience.
Last week sweet Polly had a seizure out of the blue...... ended up in the hospital and has been recently diagnosed with Moyamoya syndrome. She is now scheduled for brain surgery in November. So, I am asking for you to do two simple things for me.....
One, place her button on your blog.. you can go here to do that.
Secondly, to pray pray pray for this sweet girl. The power of prayer is amazing!!

date Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4 comments to “Praying for Polly”

  1. gillian
    9:06 PM

    thanks friend. love you.

  1. CJ
    10:52 AM

    Wow, that really was a weekend. I miss it. I will put Polly's button on Em's blog and the T21 Traveling Afghan Blog.

  1. Stephanie
    1:27 PM

    Ugh! It seems to be going around - Christopher had one two weeks ago out of the blue. Prayers sent for Polly and her family. Still sending prayers for you guys too! Will be adding the button to our site. :)

    Steph and Christopher

  1. Cynthia
    11:53 AM

    Stumbled by via CJ's blog. And surprised to see moyamoya on your blog. My sister has moyamoya, but not diagnosed until she was 24 and has suffered several strokes. She's 11 years out from her surgeries and do very well, considering. She is independent, received her Master's degree, and works as a substitute teacher. Just wanted to send along a positive outcome to a very scary disease. I'll be praying for Polly.