I feel like bragging today. I dont know why. I guess because so much negative has gone on lately, I need talk about positive!!!!! Little Miss Mayson is leaving us speechless everyday. This down syndrome thing is not getting in her way, thats for sure!! She loves learning and pays so much attention to things. She now can recognize the whole alphabet and say the letters, is counting, knows what a circle, square and triangle are and can say them, and her speech just grows and grows. Right now we are working on colors. They other day, she told me " I silly".... what?? are you kidding me? did my kid just say that? YUP.. she did , and is still telling me she is silly!! haha. Her other new word is SORRY and she uses it in the right context too. If she drops something or when I get firm with her for doing something bad (which is hardly ever) she tells me "sorry". To some thats nothing, but too us its HUGE! I hope she grows up to be successful in life. She is really getting it!!!!! I am sooo sooo proud of her. Now... I wish the rest of our world would GET IT!!!!

date Wednesday, November 11, 2009

7 comments to “Getting it”

  1. CJ
    11:43 AM

    She looks more and more like Riley!! Way to go MayMay!!!! We need to see you guys again soon!!

  1. Ruby's Mom
    11:44 AM

    That's great that she's learning so much!I LOVE that picture of her!

  1. Perplexing Situation
    7:25 PM

    how cool! we always need some good things too. It makes the world go round. :-)

  1. Lisa
    3:00 PM

    She's darling! And she is doing such great things. Bridget has started saying many new things recently, too. She loves to say "oop" when she's made a mistake. It is so cute.

  1. Beverly
    7:23 PM

    great news! love that sweet photo

  1. Brigitte
    7:58 AM

    I nominated you for a blog award!! Go check it out on my blog!!!

  1. Becca
    5:24 AM

    Beautiful, Amy, in every way! "Silly" is the BEST word (next to "mommy," of course). And I LOVE to read the brag posts!! Keep them coming! Mayson's such an amazing little doll!!!