Mayson had her field trip today at Coralridge mall. She got to ride the big school bus, while I followed them. It still amazes me that they dont put them in car seats or seat belts.. I hate it! Anyway, I met her class there. I was the ONLY parent out of 4 classrooms to be there. There was a dad there that showed up later but that was it?? I am floored and dont understand why more parents are not taking part of their little childs experiences. They grow up so fast! So sad :(
Mayson did have a great time though. She sat on Santas lap and loved him this time!! He asked her if she has been good, and she even responded by saying YES! Good girl!
We then headed to the play area to play. Of course, that was complete chaos, but they loved it! Our last stop was the carousel. Mayson has been on it several times so she really enjoyed it. Over all, it was a fun trip.
She didnt go back on the bus with the rest of her class though, instead her and I did some christmas shopping and lunch at the mall!!

date Wednesday, December 16, 2009

6 comments to “Field trip!”

  1. RK
    4:10 PM

    Wow, no car seats for 3-year-olds??? I admit I'm very surprised at that too! Our preschool has car seats for such things as a requirement. We've not had that experience with Braska yet, but yeah, I can't imagine Braska and all 22 lbs of herself sliding all over a big bus seat. No way....

    On the other hand, She is looking SO grown up, though, Amy! :o) Soon our little petite girls won't be needing any car seat ever and we'll be marveling over how time flies!

  1. Tamara
    5:49 PM

    Wow! Good Santa picture! Shawen loved that carousel -

  1. Stephanie
    6:19 PM

    I have a huge problem with the no car seats! That is seriously dangerous.

  1. CJ
    12:40 PM

    Seriously, no car seats or even seat belts?? At their age and size?? Huh. Oh, but I love the picture of her and the VERY real looking santa! She's getting so big!

  1. Perplexing Situation
    8:16 PM

    Absolutely adorable pictures! that is REALLY strange about the car seats, especially for little ones.

  1. Debra
    9:18 PM

    We wrote it in the IEP and Hope has a seat belt. She had one last year also when she rode the bus. So maybe you can put that in, it may not happen if she is not full time but if she does ride the bus I would get it done. Hugs and she is growing so fast.