I downloaded something called VOICE4U on the i touch for Mayson the other day and wow... I am impressed!!! First of all, its only $29.99. So its very economical. Secondly, you can add your own pictures and sounds to it! It is super easy and fun! I showed it to Maysons speech teacher at school and she is going to get it! I dont think Mayson needs it so much for communication but more to get her to use her words. She loves to mimic and copy what we say. This gets her to do just that! I am super pumped about this. I just wanted to share my great find with others out there looking for something like this!!

date Thursday, February 25, 2010

4 comments to “Voice4U”

  1. stephanie
    9:07 AM

    Just caught up. Happy birthday Mayson.
    Love the pics... so cute!

    Tough on your son to be on the sidelines. When you love something so much the pain of just watching is worse than the actual injury.
    And so sorry about his friend. What a sad,sad day.

  1. TUC
    6:23 PM

    Do you know if this app works with the Droid?

  1. amy flege
    7:34 PM

    I believe its only for iphone or itouch. you could always email their support!

  1. Yumi
    9:09 PM

    TUC, we are working on Voice4u for Droid. It'll be available this spring! Check out our blog.