Last summer, I sent this picture and saying in to the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) and they made up this poster of Mayson for me!! Now, she is in their contest!! Three posters will be produced as part of the NDSC national awareness campaign for Down syndrome. You can go HERE
and look and vote for three of our favorites. Mayson is #4 and you can vote EVERYDAY!!!! She has a few other friends that are on there too if you want to vote for them! Remember you only get to pick your 3 favorites and you can vote everyday! Wouldnt be amazing so see her sweet lil face plaster all over Orlando this year??? I hope you vote for my Mayson!
Mayson is #4
Sophie is #56
Lila is #42
Logan is #48
Violette is #65
Kayla is #74
Larkin is # 113
Chelsea is #115
Samantha is #136

date Monday, March 01, 2010

4 comments to “Let the voting begin!!!”

  1. Runningmama
    1:16 PM

    Hi there, just found your blog from the blog "class of 2008". I have a 9 month old daughter with DS so it's great to see how well little girls who are just a tad bit older are doing and your daughter is just beautiful!


  1. To Love Endlessly
    6:06 PM

    I stumbled across the voting before I saw your blog post & thought, that looks like Mayson. hehe. I entered my vote for your peanut and a couple others of course. :-)

  1. Kelly
    12:41 PM

    What a contagious smile! Now that sure does deserve a vote:)

  1. Becca
    9:19 PM

    I love Mayson's poster, Amy! And thanks for the listing. :-) Btw, it was my impression (after trying to vote two days in a row) that you could only vote once, and not daily. Has that changed? Interesting...