As many of you know, Jayden broke his collar bone back on February 13th during the district match that would of determined if you would of went to state tournament or not. Yeh, the whole situation sucked and its been a miserable 7 weeks for him and our whole family. I wish I could chew that Ref that didnt stop the "potentially dangerous move" a new asshole... I wish I could wipe that smart ass smerk off the kid that did it to him after they raised his hand and declaring him the winner by default... Yeh, I am bitter. My kid worked his ass off and as a freshman, he did great and he deserved to go to State. I just have to keep telling myself that God does things for a reason, if we like it or not.. ho hum....
We have had many xrays, consultations and the conclusion is his collar bone, is NOT healed yet so he CAN'T wrestle freestyle yet. The Ortho-ped we saw this week said Jayden's break was a "bad" break. It has a nice big bump and at first they thought the bone fused overlapping, but the last xray shows its healing well. (thank goodness)
We have now gone into Voodoo mode and went to a herbalist. We bought some bone healing tea. Not sure if it will work or not, but at this point, I am willing to give it a shot. Jayden has quit drinking his pop, drinking lots of milk and yogart and talking extra calcium. We got back in 3 weeks for another round of xrays and consult with the Ortho-ped. In the mean time, we go Thursday for physical therapy and exercises.. wish us luck!!!

date Wednesday, April 07, 2010

2 comments to “The Herb Angel”

  1. Dawn
    8:04 AM

    I am eager to hear how this works.

  1. Anonymous
    11:08 AM

    I am big into herbal remedies and started growing my own for that reason. I have found in some instances herbs are better then medicines so I am all about it. Good luck with it. Hope it works for you!