Mayson is really starting to blow our socks off with her language.  It has never been one of her strong points so I have to brag just a little!  She is starting to consistently use 2 to 3 word sentences.  Some of these include:
* "I did it!"
* "Here ya go"
* "What ya doin?"
* "I want down"
* " What's that?"
* " I'm all done"
* "Thank you"

We have started her on Honeycombs Liquid Ginkgo .  Some see amazing results with this. I dont know if the Ginkgo is helping or if its because she has choosen to have a speech explosion. But we will continue with her supplements and ginkgo.
We are also starting to see a little SASS in her usage of NO!  Nice.. uh?  but i will take it :)
She amazes us ......

date Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7 comments to “language”

  1. stephanie
    7:59 PM

    YEAH Mayson!! Way to go!!

    You can brag all you want!!! Believe me once Emmie decides to talk I'm going to be bragging all over blog land!!! LOL
    It's our right!

  1. Anonymous
    9:36 AM


  1. Kelly
    11:14 AM

    Hooray for Mayson!! Keep up the good work:)

    BTW, this is our forum....ANYTHING brag away (i would too)!!!

    CUTE and SASSY....that's why we love her:)

  1. Becca
    11:47 AM

    Awesome, Mayson!! She's quite a little star, and deserves to be bragged about as much as you want!!! I love hearing it!

  1. chris
    2:22 PM

    Ja, unser Robert hat auch schwierigkeiten mit der Sprache, aber auch wir sind guter Hoffnung das es noch besser wird. Liebe Grüße von Christine

  1. Vicki
    1:00 PM

    yea!!!! brag brag brag! WTG Mayson!!!

  1. Kim
    9:48 PM

    Way to go Mayson!!