When I pick Mayson up for preschool, it takes us forever to get out of the school........It's a good thing though.   You see, my girl, she has this power to suck people in.  They have to stop and talk to her or comment about her hair, or how little she is or how cute she is.   There is something about her that makes people smile and make their day.  
Did I ever think it would be like this?  I had no clue.  But I do now.... she is soooo contagious!  She has this amazing spirit within her that makes my days bright and lights up my world.  She is my prize and oh how I love her so!

date Tuesday, May 25, 2010

12 comments to “My Prize”

  1. Cammie Heflin
    9:35 PM

    How could you not love her with that precious little face???

  1. Kelly
    10:00 PM

    Hmmmm, I wonder why??!! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL:)

  1. Amy
    10:29 PM

    My oldest, Ashley still says every now and then, "Mom, remember that little girl Mason? Well, I really liked her, she was cute." :) I'll have to show her this picture, she'll love it!

  1. stephanie
    7:25 AM

    She sure is a prize!! Thanks for sharing her with us!!!

  1. Becca
    8:22 AM

    I just ADORE her, Amy!!! What a cheeky look she has, too, like she's thinking about what else she can get away with by wrapping people up around her little finger... She gets more and more beautiful every day.

  1. Anonymous
    12:37 PM

    She is so very cute! I am sure that smile has a lot to do with it. :-)

  1. kecia
    5:30 PM

    i love that! She is a prize and I am so glad I have a prize of my own! I love that picture of her!

  1. Tina
    7:31 AM

    She really is contagious. I love that girl.

  1. Kacey Bode
    1:33 PM

    She definetly is a prize!!! She is just so beautiful!!! I LOVE her long braids, so cute!!!

  1. Sweet Pea's Mommy
    2:32 PM

    Thank you for this post! I really needed this today! It gives me such hope for Sweet Pea's future!

  1. Brandee
    7:57 PM

    I fell in love with her instantly about 4 years ago! And I've also been wanting to tell you that my daughter Ramsey has completely fallen in love with a boy with DS at her new school. Everybody at school adores him, too. There is just something unbelievably lovable about these very special kids!! I'm so thankful for your blog to be able to keep up with your precious girl. :)

  1. Tina
    6:03 AM

    She's beautiful...and I don't blame people for stopping and chatting, she's definitely a prize!!