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We just got back from our little vacation to the Ozarks.  We stayed at a little resort called Lakeview resort
 It's a great family place and a place I recommend.  A place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view and drink some margaritas and pina coladas!  
The first day we spent mostly at the outside pool.  The kids got to swim and swim and swim and swim (Mayson, Vinnie and Khayden could of floated all day!) while us moms got to talk and relax and just enjoy each other.  It is so amazing how you hardly know someone but when you have one little extra chromosome in common, you feel like you have known them forever! Hannah and Rylee and Chandler had a great time making under water videos.  Can't wait to see them!   Hubby and Jayden were out fishing most of the time.  They caught some nice ones but only kept what they wanted to eat that night! We also spent some time in the game room where they had some toys for the little ones to play with, pool tables, video games and this lovely old horse you can ride for 50 cents.  The kind that was out in front of the grocery stores when I was a kid! hahah!  Rylee had some fun with  Mayson and Elainah on it!  We also had a pair of ducks that would get right up to us.  Hubby and Jayden were feeding them so they knew which family to stick by! ha!  At the end of our day, all our kiddos were exhausted. 

Mr and Mrs Duck

My sweet girl

 Having fun splashing around 

 Elainah LOVES Rylee

 E, K and C

sweet vinnie

 baby K

Hannah and Elainah on the teeter toter.

 Rylee getting ready to blast off!

 hang on E!!!

giddy up horsey!!!!

 Rudy and Mayson sliding

date Saturday, June 12, 2010

4 comments to “Our Ozark Vacation”

  1. To Love Endlessly
    5:48 PM

    It looks like it was a FANTASTIC vacation! Lots of smiles and good memories made, no doubt!

  1. Becca
    12:06 PM

    How FUN!!!! Wow, definitely a vacation to remember!

  1. Beverly
    9:08 PM

    looks like such an awesome time. such fun!

  1. JennyH
    11:17 PM

    Looks and sounds like so much fun. Your little girl is not so little anymore. She is getting big and her hair is so pretty!