When Jayden was in kindergarten hubby went with him to the apple orchard field trip (no pictures).  He did the same thing when Rylee was in preschool (no pictures).  Today was apple orchard day for Mayson and her class.  Hubby went along.  I grabbed the camera and took a few shots while she was getting ready to leave with her cute hat Grama Jo made her and then......

yippy!!!!  i am going to the apple orchard!


um, are you done yet  mom?

come dad, i am ready!!!!

 I handed hubby the camera and reminded him to get some shots of her while they were there!! What did he do?  He forgot the camera in the car and they rode the school bus to the orchard ... so you got it... no pictures :( UGH!!!!!!!!

date Monday, October 04, 2010

3 comments to “Apple Orchard day!”

  1. Becca
    2:40 PM

    I love these!!! Yeah, um, I'm not surprised. I don't think I'd have my hopes too high if I'd tasked my husband with that, either. I hope she had a lot of fun!

  1. Kacey Bode
    7:16 PM

    So so so cute! I love the hat, especially with braided piggys sticking out : ) Yeah, my hubby, not so good at remembering to take pictures either!

  1. To Love Endlessly
    9:07 PM

    at least you got pics before they left. ;-) she is too cute with her pretty long hair. I wish Ms would grow out a bit.