Cuppies....aka, cups, a glass, mug, whatever you call them... I have a crap load in my cupboard.  Seriously, they just dont fit in the cupboard anymore.  I will admit, I am obsessed with them.  But as a mom with a child with Down Syndrome, you go out and buy every cup out there so your child can drink independently or build up those lip muscles by drinking from a straw.  Then there are different sizes of straws that you want your child to master drinking from cuz, you know, thats a milestone in itself!
Well, we cleaned out the cupboard today.

I dont think Mayson has one particular one she cares for.  She will drink out of any of them at any time.  Just as long as she gets a "gink" (drink).  So, crap, that means I have to be the one to get rid of some.  I am not good at this! Do I get rid of beloved ELMO?  I mean, come on, thats the love of her life!!!

or DORA?  But she LOVES her too!!!

I could part with "RELLA"  but she is great in the car and I one I could care less if we lost when we
go somewhere..... she was one we bought with juice already in it at a convenience store.

I guess I could through them out all out and start from scratch but hubby would kill me....  haha..
Whats your favorite Cuppie for your kiddo?????

date Sunday, October 03, 2010

3 comments to “Cuppies”

  1. Suzie and Lily
    4:21 PM

    Oh my that's a lot of cuppies. Lily never used those much, she learned how to use a straw and the rest was history.
    Had to carry scissors in the car so I could cut straws shorter for her.
    Love these kiddos!

  1. Cindy
    7:37 PM

    Oh wow. That is a lot! I don't remember cute, decorated 'cuppies' when Beth was little. We used good 'ol Tupperware sippy cups. I think I still have one around here somewhere....

  1. To Love Endlessly
    7:44 PM

    That is a lot of cups. We still have our growing stash in search of the "perfect" cuppies. We aren't using straws yet, that's still a work in progress, but our current favorite is the playtex cup that sorta looks like a coffee mug. Keeps the drinks cool and it's not a sippy cup so it's good for that oral motor development.