Since Mayson was born, we have walked at a buddy walk each year.  I have planned them, help set them up, raised thousands of dollars, blah blah blah.  This year I was not on the board and wow... how nice it was!!  We didnt get to go to our local buddy walk because we will be out of town for a wedding.  But we went to the next best thing!  We headed to the Designer Genes buddy walk north of here with my awesome friend Brigitte and had a great time!  The weather was perfect.  Mayson loved all the games, she walked the whole walk this year, and was pretty proud of her little medal she earned!!

date Saturday, October 02, 2010

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  1. To Love Endlessly
    8:17 PM

    She sure looks wore out at the end there! It also looks like it was a great day for your walk. Glad to hear she walked the whole way, very cool!