It is hard to believe that thanksgiving is over and that we are now preparing for Christmas.  The outside lights, the tree and the decorations are all up at our house.  I thought it might be neat in blogger world, that we all share our decorations online.  So many different religions and traditions!  Here is some of ours.

The stockings are hung on the fireplace each year.....

Some randome decor in the hallway

our small tree in the piano room

I love to put up a school ornament the kids made when they were little.  Here is Rylee's ornament she made in preschool...

Mayson's ornament she made last year in preschool....

Jayden's ornament he made in 4th grade....

Ornament I had has a baby.....

Homemade ornament my mom made!

The pickle we hide every year in the tree.  It's a German tradition.  Whoever finds the pickle first gets to be the first to open their present!

My grama jensen gives a new ornament each year.  We have so many I have started my own gram jensen ornament tree!!

Jaydens snowman plate he painted in kindergarten....I love this plate!

My dads nativity he got in 5th grade.  He handed it down to me....I remember playing with it at Christmas time every year.
Well, thats a little bit from our house hold!  Now, pass this along and share yours too!!!
Happy decorating :)

date Monday, November 29, 2010

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