The other day, Mayson came up to me and kept repeating this long, drawn out crazy word, over and over again. I couldn't quite figure it out but I knew she wanted something. Finally, she was tired of me not understanding her, and just did the easy thing and went and got the cover to the movie she wanted and when I saw what movie it was I went "DUH"!!!!!! She was trying to say "despicable me". I felt so bad but at least I know what it is now!!!!

date Monday, February 28, 2011

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  1. Brandee
    12:04 PM


  1. Laurie
    8:49 PM

    I LOVE it!! :) oh, it so brings back memories!

  1. EN
    10:18 PM

    Oh my goodness - she is SOOOOO cute! I bet she never gets in trouble. How could you ever get mad at that precious little face?! She's going to use that to her advantage for the rest of her life! LOL!