This week I have been working on some things for Mayson.  It has involved using  these:

And doing lots of this:

And this too:

Which means ALOT of cutting these:

But it results in THESE!

Mayson LOVES learning and anything like these she grasps onto so fast.  I am still working on more which is why my hand is killing me!!!  but its all worth it, right? !!!!!

date Wednesday, March 02, 2011

4 comments to “My Hands Hurt!!!”

  1. Becca
    3:00 PM

    Oh, you're GOOD! I tend to shy away from those big projects, but you're right, Samantha loves them, too. Glad Mayson has such an industrious and creative mamma!!

  1. CJ
    12:25 PM

    You are one talented and amazing mom! I admire you so much, my friend.

  1. Ria
    5:24 PM

    It's soooo totally worth it! Keep up the awesome work!

  1. Maria and Family
    3:07 PM

    I love your creativity! I bet Benji would love these too! Any tips to get started? I guess I need to buy the books? It looks really fun . For him not me :)