Today was VIP day at Mayson's preschool.  We chose Denise to come and be Mayson's VIP.  Denise is our respite worker.   But she is not just any respite worker.  She is like another grama to Mayson and the older two kids and like another mom to hubby and I.  She is so loving, kind, giving and wise.  We are so happy to have her apart of our life and family!  So, it meant alot that she was able to come and spend this special time with Mayson!

The first thing they got to do together was head off to the gym for some play time!

Go get it Denise!

Kick it may!!!!

Then we headed to the cafeteria for some donuts and juice!  Mayson got to show off her artwork she did on the table clothes the class made!

Denise giving me kisses while I try to eat my donut! She says she cant get enough of me!


Then it was book and coloring time.  Of course, Mayson would much rather do books than anything fine motor!!  So books it was!!!!

We got a little bit of coloring in!  

  Overall, It was a great VIP day.  Thanks Denise for being Mayson's Very Important Person.  WE love you!

date Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 comments to “VIP Day at Preschool”

  1. chris
    2:09 PM

    Das war doch bestimmt ein schöner Tag für Maysen, so viele tolle Eindrüche, Sport und das Spiel mit den Farben. LG senden Robert und Christine

  1. stephanie
    3:32 PM

    How sweet! and how lucky you all are to have Denise!

  1. Chromosomally Enhanced
    8:55 AM

    looks like a GreAT VIP day!! and very busy! smiles