We headed off to Kirkwood farms for a little preschool field trip with Maysons class.  It was a cold, windy and cloudy day but all the kids loved it.... not to mention seeing all the animals.  Oh, and the animals...  one particular one was super stinky.....THE PIGS!   wooooo weeeee did they stink!!!  All in all, it was a really fun time!!!

standing in line after getting off the bus...  yes my girl is much smaller than her friends in class :)

looking at the cows and Mr. Bull

Mayson loved the sheep.  She fed them right out of her hand too!

Climbing the hay mounds!

Petting the horses.  One even gave May a kiss!

The horse arena.....very nice and fun to run around in!

Getting ready to take a hay ride!

Mom and Mayson

Mayson loved the mama pig and her babies...  me, not so much.  The stink was horrible!!

Mr Bull who happens to weight 1700 lbs!!  ouch!!!

date Wednesday, May 04, 2011

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  1. Team Carter Jay
    11:46 PM

    My daughter loves the pigs too. Not sure what it is about them lol!