Our first week of summer break went by so fast.  It was nice to have a fresh start of a week after the loss of my aunt the week before.  It was hot as heck last week.  In the 90's and the dew points were so high there were  a few days it felt like 100.  In Iowa, that isnt the norm for the first week of June!  We did enjoy the time at the beach though.  My family loves the beach.  Its only 7 miles from our home and its so pretty there.

There is a great little marina where you can rent paddle boats, canoes, fishing boats and pontoons.  Oh and snacks....you can"t forget the snacks!

The water is so clear.  It is nice to be able to go to a beach and see your feet in the water and be able to build castles in the sand!

oh and the sailboats are so beautiful and fun to watch sail by!

Sometimes a friendly butterfly will visit.

Mayson and Rylee love the beach probably more than any of us.  The Boys usually take off and walk to the spillway and fish.  I sit in my chair and soak up the rays and read.  The girls, they LOVE the water.   Rylee is so good with Mayson......whether they are goofing around, sitting and enjoying each others company or splash'n around.   Even though there is 8 years between them, they would be lost without each other.

Our day at the beach was great!  We plan to spend many more days there this summer.  Wanna join us???

date Monday, June 13, 2011

2 comments to “first week of summer break-the beach!”

  1. Dawn
    4:04 PM

    I want to join you guys!!

  1. Becca
    9:15 AM

    I LOVE the beach, as does Samantha. Any beach will do. I think we're going to hit a local lake this weekend, then the ocean in 2 weeks. Can't wait!!

    Looks like so much fun! Still loving Mayson's hairdo. :-)