Adoption plays a large roll in my life.   If it wasnt for adoption, my hubby would of never been born in Iowa and we would of never hooked up, as he is adopted.  I have had many friends adopt, whether it be local or out of the country. 
Adoption is not easy, especially when it comes to all these sweet kids that have down syndrome or other issues, that are not wanted because of a disability.  It takes special people to open up their hearts and homes to these kids....... and raise the money to go over and fight for their right to give these precious children a new life. 
My friend Erin Harlan,  her husband Zac and their daughter Addie are doing just that!!!  Right now they are trying to raise money by having a AWESOME Fundraiser so they can bring "Sister" home!!  Check out their adoption website THE JOURNEY TO BRING SISTER HOME and all their great prizes This could be your way of helping bring one more child home to their forever family!

date Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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