Being on facebook, has really opened my world to the Down Syndrome community.  It is so wonderful to make friends, see how their children and families are doing, and even meeting them in person.  They have become a wealth of knowledge and information and my second family.   We all learn and grow with each other on our journey with Down Syndrome.  
One thing that has come up ALOT lately, is new blood testing detecting Down Syndrome in the baby.   I have mixed feelings on this.  My doctor sat me down at 12 weeks along and give me a list of all kinds of tests I could have done while pregnant with Mayson.  After he gave me the list, his first question to me was "Will any of these test change anything about your pregnancy?"  I said, no, of course, and so he said "then why have them!"  
Why this new test maybe  a great alternative to an amnio ( if its as accurate as they say it is) due to the chance of  miscarriage.  I also wonder how many more will use these results to have abortions.  The rate is already sky  like 90% sky high.   That right there makes me want to barf.....  because as I sit here and write this, my daughter sits next to me and plays with her baby dolls, talking to them, swaddling them, pretending to feed them..just like any 5 year old would.  Just because she has one extra chromosome, should of never been an issue of keeping her or not..  That is not my decision or anyones, only Gods.   Her life is just as precious and sacred as anyone's!  I couldnt imagine what my life would be without her.  


date Sunday, October 16, 2011

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