We packed up the camper and headed to Lake MacBride Stat Park this weekend. It is only 7 miles from our house but what a great way to camp in case you need anything!! We celebrated Stacy's (AKA MIKE) birthday.. It was his 38th. The kids did sparklers, went to the beach, fished, walked the trails, sat around the fire, played flashlight tag and just did nothing!
The beach we went to is one we go to alot. It's in the state park but it was Maysons first time in the water! She kicked her feet and legs and loved watching the water!

The trail lets you walk up on top of the damn. What a view. The waterfalls are beautiful and a great place to catch fish. Rylee kept wanting to pose so it ended up being a photo shoot for her! Jayden could be there all day if we let him (not for a photoshoot but to fish). The boy cannot get enough fishing! He did catch some bluegill there, but threw them all back.

Angie, my sister, also stayed one night with us with her daughter Cora. We decided to head up to the showers --just us girls.... anyway, we are almost done and my sister looked at me with a funny face. mmmm.....now what, I am wondering? Well, she found this lovely spider in the shower room and she is NOT a spider person. We didnt tell Rylee or Cora until just before we walked out or I now someone would of ran out of the shower room naked...woo hoo!! After we got back we told the boys about it. Of course they had to go catch it. And how fun for two boys to go into the womans shower room!!! They captured her and we are thinking its female wolf spider full of eggs. YUK!!!!

date Sunday, July 02, 2006

3 comments to “camping”

  1. Anonymous
    10:31 PM

    I have been to that lake :)

    Wonderful photos!!! Ewwww on the spiders.

  1. Michelle
    11:10 PM

    Yes eeewww on the spider!! And that had to be the first picture that shows up LOL That is a HUGE spider too!

    Sounds like you all had a great time camping though!

  1. gigishiba
    3:00 AM

    Boy does J look like his dad in that picture!