M&M's favorite thing to do is suck on her hands. She will suck on her hand while playing, eating, pooping, and when she is half asleep!! That hand is her favorite thing. Today I sat her up and put her boppy around her front to lean against. She did such a good job sitting there! Of course, all she wanted to do is suck on her hand! Oh, and the slobber!!!!!!!
She got bored with that so we gave her a bath and put her jammies on. She knows that after that its cereal time!! Tonite we threw sweet potatoes into her menu. She loved them but started getting sleepy on me. Every bite, her little eyes got heavier and heavier and before I knew it she was OUT!!! Sleeping with her supper still all over her face! I just let her sit there and peacfully sleep but couldnt resist a picture!!

date Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2 comments to “Favorites”

  1. Michelle
    9:58 AM

    What cute pictures! Kayla was a hand/fist sucker too. Then she moved on to her arm...she would suck her arm to fall asleep and still does this! I have no idea how to break her of that habit! LOL

  1. mum2brady
    10:18 AM

    awwww - what a darling picture! She is just toooo cute! Sweet supper dreams :)