As I have been reading many blogs, there is a book tag going around. Well, I got hit this time!! (Thanks Debra-Mom of 12 and loving it) I am not a huge reader.... so I hope I can come up with some answers!

Here it goes!

Book that changed your life: THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT PANIC, ANXIETY, AND PHOBIAS, BY MARK S. GOLD, MD. I struggle with anxiety and panic everyday. This book really made me realize that I am not alone when it comes to anxiety and my panic disorder and that there is nothing wrong with me!!!

One book that you have read more than once: Oh, that would have to be JUNIE B. JONES GOES TO KINDERGARTEN. I think I read that to my daughter a zillion times!! LOL!!

Favorite Book Ever: GOOD NIGHT MOON. This is a childrens book that I have read to all my kids at night. Right now I am reading MEMORY KEEPERS DAUGHTER, BY KIM EDWARDS. It's story about a doctor who delivers his own babies and one has down syndrome. Instead of telling his wife about this baby, he tells her it dies, and has and has a nurse take it away. This book is truly one dear to my heart and I recommend it to anyone!

One book that made you laugh: I read pretty serious books now so a book that made me laugh would be back from my childhood.. I think that would have to be SUPERFUDGE, BY JUDY BLUME..anyone remember that one?????

One book that you wish you had written: Well, I love Beverly Lewis and any of her books on the Amish. She has several series and I have read them all. So, I guess it would have to be one of them!

One book that I wish had never been written: Gee, I havent read one bad book that I would feel that way about!

One book that you are currently reading: THE QUILTERS DAUGHTER, BY WANDA BRUNSTRETTER. Its the second book in a series about the Amish. I am addicted!!!

One book that you have meant to read: Baby Laughs: The Naked Truth About the First Year of Mommyhood" by Jenny McCarthy. I hear this book is great!!!

Well, there are my answers. Now its MY turn to tag someone....let me see. I think I will tag:

date Saturday, August 26, 2006

3 comments to “I have been TAGGED!!!”

  1. Debra
    3:13 PM

    LOL It took my all night to think of my answers and then I had to go and search for the books. Good answers.

    Hugs Debra

  1. Miranda
    5:51 PM

    You would love it in Pennsylvania, we have Amish all over! We always buy or produce and flowers at an Amish Farm. Thanks for Tagging me! I have my answers up.

  1. Sara
    1:13 PM

    LOL ok how do I do a tag, do I copy it to my blog and answer ? I am so new at this :p