Dang,  I havent been on here, for like EVER... I know, I suck, I admit it.  But truthfully, not sure anyone reads this anymore or not!!  Anyway, here is a little update of what we have been up to.

Jayden:  Its the summer before his senior year and in 6 days, he turns 18..sniff sniff...CANT. BELIEVE. IT.
When I was his age, I was working 3 jobs in the summer.  Jayden has opted out of money and instead going to several camps this summer..haha.    He was asked by the Ely Legion post to go and represent them at Boys State in Des Moines.  What a great learning experience for him.  He seemed to really enjoy it.
Jayden also qualified for Greco Wrestling Nationals again this summer!  He just got back from the 4 day camp at Camp Dodge in Des Moines to prepare.  He gets to be home for 2 days and then is off to compete in Fargo.  Team Iowa leaves this Saturday and comes home on Jayden's birthday. Such a great experience to wrestle with and against some of the top wrestlers in our nation! 
After getting home from Fargo, Jayden will be home 3 days and then off to wrestling camp at Luther College.  Not my favorite college for him to go to (Wartburg family here)  but they run a great camp! 
Any free time, Jayden spends fishing, fishing, fishing....

Rylee:   Our 14 year old is going to be a freshman this year...  yup, she is growing up too!  Eeek!  She finished up with a great season of track, breaking a school record with her 4x100 relay.  She is so fun to watch!  She tried out for freshman cheer, working hard with many early morning practices but it paid off and she made it!  She is LOVING it.. I think we have a real cheerleader on our hands.
Rylee also decided to try detassleing this year.  I for one, am not a fan, since I am allergic.  But she has been doing it for over a week now and has not complained!  She is really looking foward to that big pay check!
She is rarely home since she is all about being miss social!!

Mayson:   This year our baby girl is going to kindergarten.  She is going to be placed in the regular classroom all day and being pulled out 20 minutes for math, 20 minutes for reading and 15 minutes for handwritting.  She is going to PE, Music, Art and Spanish with her typical peers as well!  We will see how she does!  We may finally try having the bus pick her up this year.  This mama, is still un-sure of it all, but it sure would be helpful if it would work out.
Mayson started dance class this spring and summer.  She LOVES it.  That girls really surprises me how much she follows directions and tries everything in class even if she cant do it.....practice makes perfect, right?

Stacy and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary July 6th.  We went out with friends for the evening and had a great time.  No big vacation planned but are headed out to do some camping the last weekend in July.. lets pray for nice weather!

date Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 comments to “a little summer recap”

  1. RK
    3:01 PM

    I also wonder if anyone reads anymore... but hey! I love a good update, so yay!

    Rylee has suddenly aged like 4 years... she looks so teenagerish all the sudden. :o)

    And here's to our kindergarten girls! Would love to hear about any modifications/para/etc that will be part of her reg ed time. Curious!

  1. Becca
    3:51 PM

    I'm still reading! Glad to see the update!! :-)

    Rylee's absolutely stunning. Can't believe how grown up she is!

    What's detasseling?

    Can't wait to hear about Mayson in Kindy - she's going to knock their socks off!

  1. Amy Flege
    11:55 AM

    RK, I would love to talk about Kindy with you!! email me!